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When you have found the bit torrent that you've been looking for, this program will download it

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Downloading torrents is something that has been popular around the web since Napster broke up, but only a service like Torrent Downloader allows you to actually download and stream all from the same program.

An Overview of Torrent Downloader

If you like using the Internet to download different torrent files, then you probably already know that there are many services out there you can use and a ton of different programs you can download to get the job done. However, not many of these programs are inclusive like Torrent Downloader. What we mean by that is that with this program, you can also stream and search on the platform itself. Typically is the case that a torrent downloading program is just a third-party application. You do your searching on a browser, you download with the torrent client, and you watch it on a media player. This program has changed the game up entirely, allowing you to do everything from one simple portal.

This is a download that's available for the Windows OS. While it says it's specifically for Win 7, it will actually work on everything from XP to Win 10, and we have the user reviews to prove it. It's compatible with all sorts of Windows OS versions, and you also don't need a lot of computing power to run it, as the file size is very small and its power footprint is minimal.

What Torrent Downloader Is and What It Does

This particular program has functionality just like a typical torrent client, although there's a lot more that it offers in terms on user options. For starters, you may first notice that this is actually a full program and not just a download client. Once installed, you can see that it opens up with an attractive, easy user interface. From here you can actually go around and search for torrents, and you can download them in different ways, like by tracking the magnet or pasting a hash link. Though the cool factor comes in once your torrent starts downloading.

Say that you're downloading a movie file. Typically is the case with most clients that you have to wait until the file is downloaded to watch it. Even previewing the file in an external player will cause it to look choppy and to cut off until the file is finished downloading. Though with Torrent Downloader you can actually stream the file as it's playing. So as soon as you get about 1% of the file and it's downloading with sufficient trackers at a healthy rate, you can immediately start to stream and watch the file as it's downloading. This is a huge benefit if you're not the patient type.

Pros and Cons


  • Full program, not just a client
  • User interface is clean and easy to use
  • Streaming option is great for instant playback
  • Free program with a small footprint


  • Some random ads pop up
  • Filters aren't always reliable
  • Comes bundled with other software you may not want

If you like to download a lot of torrents, you know how frustrating it can be to try to keep up with all of your downloads. Torrent Downloader, however, can make downloading torrents a breeze.

First of all, the program features a powerful built-in search function that's especially handy for frequent users. This feature lets you search for all your favorite torrents without having to browse multiple websites and without using multiple platforms. In most cases, you should be able to find whatever you're looking for directly from the Torrent Downloader platform.

There is also a great comment system in place. This social feature makes it easy for you to give feedback about the program, comment on different torrents that you have or create a wish list of those you are thinking about downloading. It's a good way to find out about the best downloads and to warn others about torrents they should avoid.

Downloading torrents is a good way to get the files that you're looking for, but it can present a security risk. Dealing with all of the malicious websites out there and trying to find the good torrents can be a time-consuming and frustrating challenge. Luckily, Torrent Downloader can make downloading torrents easier while helping you avoid malicious websites. If you're looking for ways to increase your security while downloading, you should definitely check out this application if you want to make your downloading experience safer.


  • You can avoid malicious websites by finding all of your torrents in one place.
  • There's a great comments section in place so you can submit and read feedback.


  • You still have to be careful when downloading torrents, but Torrent Downloader does make it much safer.

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